Technical expertise & Customer Care

iHS process

Based on the expertise of our project managers, we schedule a site survey program, to collect all information kindly provided by our clients and to focus on their needs and priorities. We propose then our cost-effective solution concerning construction and refurbishment services, as for new flooring or decorative surfaces or any kind of bespoke furniture. In accordance with iHS corporate policy, we always include in our offers the ordinary maintenance of all the works, materials and installations provided, over a period of 12 calendar months from the testing.

Our assessment is based on the preliminary design drawings and further into this phase, we ensure to the client the maximum pricing flexibility on a step by step basis and a full availability at any additional technical specifications. We are also glad to clarify that in the determination of price values we follow the criteria of the highest quality at a competitive price.

For the supply, iHS standard methods of invoicing and payment will be applied with extreme flexibility, starting from order confirmation to completion, plus a guarantee period of 4 weeks. Even on this aspect, we express our proactivity in adapting our plans to client needs and schedule.

Each solution is unique, each project represents our best opportunity to empower iHS reputation in the UK market and to establish a solid and durable partnership with our clients.